Sanjay Gandhi

Sanjay started Moss Properties in 2006 after spending 23 years in the corporate world. Initially starting out in real estate as a landlord, despite the property crash of 2008, Sanjay’s business continued to flourish. Sanjay now manages a team of 20 staff, managing hundreds of properties and is now the market leader in rentals in Doncaster. Not only that Sanjay continues to grow his market share in sales and in 2015 Moss Properties became award winners, winning the best newcomer award from the prestigious Relocation Agent Network. A year later Moss Properties were invited into the Guild of Property Professionals and have just recently won award from the Guild for best use of Social Media.
Sanjay is a big believer in personal development for all his staff and is delighted that several members of his staff have left him over the years and have setup for themselves.

So why is Sanjay so well placed to train other estate agents?

Through experience Sanjay has learnt what to do and what not to do so working with Sanjay will ensure other agents can eleminate the pitfalls and get the shortcuts to success.

Most importantly, Sanjay is a trainer and a mentor that is still practicing what he preaches.

Sanjfest Media

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